Health Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements to a Dog

The fish oil has so many health benefits for the cats and dogs amongst other pets because it takes care of the general fitness of the pet. To be specific, the fish oil improves their skins, coats, joints and most importantly the heart health of these pets is assured. Click here for more information. Therefore, the health benefits that fish oil provides can be uncountable since they are surprisingly far-reaching since the build a highly resilient immune system that fights against any disease. The Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are two fatty acids that are found in these fish oil supplements that help to build the immune system of the pets. The article herein explains a few of the health benefits attributed to fish oil supplements.

The EPA is one of these omega-3 fatty acids that functions as an anti-inflammatory whereby it eases the body to resist against various conditions, disorders that can attack the key body organs like the heart, kidney, and skin as well as the joints. A good example that the fish oil supplements helps to avoid is arthritis which is common in puppies and may at times be spotted in mature dogs. EPA is, therefore, a component in the fish oil that is very crucial for the survival of the dogs even to the later stages of life.

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The fish oil supplements are also considered to be beneficial to the health of a dog because it eases the inflammation of the dog by reducing chances of attracting allergies that cause too much itching and at times lead to dandruff. In this way, the dog will live a safe life where it will not have hot spots on the body surface which is caused by too much itching and scratching. In this way, just like the fat supplements, the fish oil supplements give the dog a good coat, which is shiny and one that does not shed easily.

Finally, the fish oil supplements are important for eyesight development in puppies and kitten. The omega-3 fatty acids aid in the development of the eyes and brain as from the young hood days of the puppies to enable it to grow into a strong animal in the future. Surprising enough, the fish oil supplements have been identified as the right slow downer for multiplication rate of cancerous cells. Cancer has been a killer disease for quite some time now but it is like the rapid growth of these dangerous cells is controlled by consumption of these fatty acids even in dogs.